Pallet workpiece

Our company have been making pallet workpieces since 2000, of hardwood (birch, alder, aspen) and softwood (fir, pine), on a modern imported equipment, providing the exact sizes and the high quality of our production, complying the demands of the Federal Standards, and also any non-standard sizes for our clients.

Our pallet workpieces has been being used by our russian clients and the near abroad to make the pallets by the standards 9078-84 and 9557-87, and also for non-standard pallets.

On this page you can see the assortment of workpieces we have, and possibly choose the optimal size of pallet workpiece for your business, differing from the existing standards, but complying the demands of your business, and we’ll try to provide you a long-term convenient collaboration, and the production of your specified workpiece with quality and quickness.

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We are ready to offer you the wide range of palletny preparation in the shortest terms taking into account your requirements for the prices accepted for you!