We produce and sell charcoal grade A type 1 from birch (GOST 7657-84), packed in bags, as well as coal fraction, passed through a sieve, in which no fines, dust, wood residues, bark birch.

Charcoal – a microporous high carbon product produced during the pyrolysis of wood without oxygen in a special charcoal oven, allow to produce high quality charcoal. All of our furnaces involved in the production of charcoal, certified in accordance with the standards of the Russian Federation, meet regulatory requirements and are environmentally safe for the environment.

Our charcoal is clean, environmentally friendly fuel that is ideal for cooking – grilling, use cooking over an open fire in restaurants, catering and leisure. Charcoal is also ideal for cooking a variety of gourmet dishes, best suited for cooking kebabs (meat, fish, poultry, etc.), use on the grill, grills, barbecue, barbecue, fireplaces and stoves of all kinds, including solid-fuel heating systems and boilers for heating the samovar.

Packing produce coal in bags of 2.5, 3, 5, 10 kg of stitched thread can be packing in bags of charcoal in terms of user-friendly for the customer. We invite you to cooperate with wholesalers, chain stores and restaurants.

As our client you get a reliable supplier with a guaranteed quality products, low prices and professional service!

Our charcoal is pure, ecologically safe, buying our charcoal, you get pure and ecologically safe product!

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