Standart Euro

The standard Euro pallet (1200 x 800). GOST 9557-87
Dimensions: 800 x 1200 x 145 mm
Maximum capacity: 2,500 kg

The pallet is made of square edged lumber. The transport timber (humidity less than 24%) or the natural moisture of any species (spruce, pine, aspen, alder) are used, corresponding to the requirements of 2, 3 grade GOST 8486-86 or 2, Grade 3 to GOST 2695-83.

Flooring tray having a thickness of 22 mm, consists of five boards of alternating the order of – a wide (145 mm), narrow (100 mm) wide, narrow and wide. The distance between the boards does not exceed 4.5 cm, length 1200 mm, length tolerances up 1/2 mm.

Three cross-board size 22 x 145 x 800 with a tolerance of 1/2 mm.

The pallet is on the nine drafts – the extreme size of six 78 x 100 x 145 mm, an average of three 78 x 145 x 145 mm. Approvals up 1/2 mm.

The bottom boards have a thickness of 22 mm with a tolerance of 1/2 mm. The width of the two end plates 100 mm, 143 mm of the central board. All three boards are made of lower bevel to facilitate the arrival of hydraulic trolley runners, and chamfers are made on the corners of the pallet.

To build a pallet screw used (with cross-cut) nails 3,5 x 70 (for attaching the lower board and pieces, 3 pcs. On his sword), 3,5 x 90 (for fastening decking and checkers, 3 pc. on the piece), and construction nails 2,5 x 55 (for fastening deck boards to the boards bearing, 3 pcs. the connection) are used.

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