Garden and country furniture

Our company offers its customers a ready-made wooden garden and garden furniture made of oak, and the manufacture of garden furniture and other products for individual orders.

Wooden furniture is very natural and harmonious in the garden or village. Most suitable for garden furniture are just a few types of wood – teak, beech, acacia and some others, but among the deciduous oak is the most familiar and common wood species in our band, which is most suitable for the manufacture of garden and garden furniture.

The matter of special properties of wood: it has a dense structure, distinguished by its great elasticity, to the same dense and heavy wood of the oak is well dried, a little warp or crack when exposed to sunlight. It is filled with special preservative agents – Tilly, protect it from damage putrefactive microbes.

Oak wood is not afraid of moisture – on the contrary, submerged in water, it becomes even stronger, oaks, fallen into the river and had lain there for many years are impregnated with iron salts, and their wood is known as bog oak, it becomes harder than a stone.

Furniture you ordered from us, will look good in the residential country house, and some models may well be used in the city. And in the living space of the elements of our furniture can make an originality and freshness. Take a look at our furniture, think my favorite parts of your home, garden and imagine how they will decorate our garden and garden furniture made of oak.

We will create wooden furniture and garden villas in line style that suits you, we are ready to perform the most unusual request according to your drawings, pictures or verbal description of furniture.
All the furniture we have manufactured exclusively handmade, each piece is unique and unrepeatable.

We will create wooden furniture for a summer residence and a garden in full conformity to style which approaches you!


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