Euro size

Euro pallet size (1200 x 800). GOST 9078-84
Overall dimensions:
1200 x 800 x 145 mm
Maximum capacity:
1,500 kg


The pallet is made of square edged lumber.  The transport timber (humidityless than 24%) or the natural moisture of any species (spruce, pine, aspen, alder), corresponding to the requirements of 2 and 3 grades are used.

Flooring tray which have a thickness of 20 mm, consists of six plates of 20 x 100 x 1200 mm.

Three cross-board size 22 x 100 x 800 mm.

The pallet is on the nine drafts size 78 x 100 x 100 mm.

The size of the bottom three boards 20 x 100 x 1200 mm.

All three boards are made of lower  bevel to facilitate the arrival of hydraulic trolley runners, and chamfers are made on the corners of the pallet.

To build a pallet  screw inails 3,5 x 70 (for attaching the lower board and pieces, 3 pcs. On his sword), 3,5 x 90 (for fastening decking and checkers, 3 pcs. On checker) and construction nails 2,5 x 55 (for fastening deck boards to the boards bearing, 2 pcs. the connection) are used.

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