The sawdust is the most widespread and mass type of waste in the lumber making. It was considered a valuable material, which can successfully be used in different branches of industry.

Today, it is used in the production of paper, cardboard, some types of synthetic textile, even in pharmaceutics. Besides, the wood sawdust helps to keep the wood — with special presses and mastic they form a sawdust boards, of which the majority of contemporary furniture is made.

Also the sawdust is a packaging material – with its help things are saved during the transporting. It is used as the filler of animal cages, covering material in agriculture, kitchen gardens, summer country gardens, as the heat-insulation material.

The sawdust can also be used as a fuel – it is a perfect substitute for the wood, which is more expensive. In this case it is processed to bricks and sold the sawdust bricks.

So the sawdust has plenty of applications — we don’t always know what do our clients need it for. But we are always ready to provide you with it for free, in case of self-delivery.

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